Artificial Intelligence is the world's most important innovation since the Internet. We believe it is part of our story, and we should not remain blind to it. At the same time, our culture of creativity is evolving and some people worry about its loss.

They claim the rise of artificial intelligence will threaten our cultural heritage, and you will hear the lament that "naked creativity" will be replaced by the hyper-brilliance of algorithms.

At HelloScribe, we do not share this fear. We believe the Creative Spark remains divine, mysterious, inexplicable, and a unique trait only shared by living beings. We never lose sight of the fact that creativity is not something we can let go of: it is part of our nature.
We have collaborated with a number of researchers who are looking at how AI impacts our creative processes. Their science can help marketers understand how machine learning is reshaping the way they engage with their markets.  

It is our view that  companies which succeed in the age of AI & Automation understand how humans and machines can augment each other's strengths. They design business processes to support that partnership. At HelloScribe, we automate the repetitive, while our people elevate the art.

We avail this advantage to growth-minded firms by helping them create and automate content marketing and lead generation programs that unlock brand success in their respective markets.

Our mission is to help startups increase sales and inspire brand loyalty using the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence and Human Creativity.



From time to time we publish our thoughts on the future of AI, its relation to Content Marketing and we share some of our latest projects and experiments.