About Us

Our mission is to empower you to be more productive and creative while staying in control of the process.

We at HelloScribe are humans and we're not here to take over your job.

Instead, we want to make you more productive and help you do what you love with less stress.

We know how much time goes into your craft. That's why we created this A.I that writes copy with you - backed by the best examples from around the world, which will save you tons of time.

HelloScribe is a powerful A.I tool, but it can't write like you! It will never be able to capture the personal connection that you can in your copy.

So don't feel threatened, just relieved.

You still need to put the human touch on whatever is written. And our software will free up time so you have more energy available to add those special touches.

This could mean increased creativity and chances to explore new areas where you can bring both humanity and authenticity to your work.

In short, we think you'll find that HelloScribe is pretty good company.