About Us

Our mission is to empower professionals to be more productive and creative while avoiding burnout, writer's block, and wasted time.

Professionals in Marketing, PR, and Advertising have a unique challenge. They have to generate ideas and content, build relationships and protect reputations. And they have to do it quickly and efficiently to drive results.

So it's not surprising that they number among the 52% of professionals who are experiencing burnout. This is up from 43% in 2018. What if we had software that would give these professionals superpowers so they could work on tedious tasks without sacrificing quality? HelloScribe is this tool.

HelloScribe is a software program that helps professionals be more productive. It was created by a Marketing Counselor and Copywriter,  specifically for Marketing, PR, and Advertising Professionals.

It's an idea generation and content writing assistant powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP). With HelloScribe, you can create marketing copy, PR messaging, content topics, questions, quotes, write articles, speeches, press releases, and more - faster than ever before.

But that's not all. Our brainstorming tools are the most comprehensive in the market today. You can generate ideas for events., PR Stunts, campaigns social media, new product ideas...ideas for just about everything.

Professionals who do meaningful work understand the value of time, but most times they don't have enough of it. We developed HelloScribe to help them prevent burnout, and move their work forward in a smarter way.